Our transport working group was set up to respond to issues that older people were having using public transport in Dundee.

  • Mystery Travelling Project
  • Demand Responsive Transport
  • Transport Issues

Mystery Travelling Project

Following meetings with Dundee City Council transport officers, we decided to set up a mystery travelling project which would test out taxi, bus and train services. With grant assistance form the department of planning and transportation, over eighty journeys were taken by older people, who then wrote about their experience. The findings were then presented to Dundee City Council's taxi liaison group.

On the Buses

Celebrate Age Network Forum sampled Dundee's bus services -volunteers, with ages ranging from 61 to 85, took 150 journeys to find out how good our bus services are. The project was funded by Dundee City Council's City Development Department.

Volunteers were recruited from older people's groups and sheltered housing complexes across Dundee and were asked to undertake six journeys and write down their experiences on a survey form.

Overall, the bus companies came out quite well in terms of punctuality, driver politeness and helpfulness. There were however issues regarding accessibility, safety and comfort. You can download a copy of the full report here.

The Forum is now meeting with the bus operators - Stagecoach and National Express to discuss how these areas can be improved.

Demand Responsive Transport

Some older people have difficulties using buses because of their mobility difficulties. Demand responsive transport provides a door to door service using accessible vehicles. A recent report commissioned by Dundee Community Transport and Dundee Accessible Transport Action Group recommended that demand responsive transport be established in Dundee. We have raised this issue with the Older People Strategic Planning Group and met with the Head of Transportation and City Development Department Convenor to request that an inter agency partnership be established to develop this project.

Transport Issues

Changes in the routing of buses or the re-location of key services such as supermarkets can lead to older people having difficulties in using bus services. If your area has a problem with your bus service – please contact us.

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