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Life is not always plain sailing and sometimes you need a little help or advice to help you through the tougher times. Getting the right information at the right time is so important. Just having someone to talk to about your problem can make all the difference.

Whether it is worrying about paying your fuel bills, a problem you have had with a cowboy tradesman or if you are worried about your granddaughter taking drugs, there is someone out there ready and willing to help.

Sometimes people worry about talking to strangers about their problems or think that their problems should be kept close to home, but there are always times when it is difficult to cope. Speaking to an independent person who you can trust to keep your secret can often be the best way to help you.

In this section you can find out where to get:

  • Help with debts
  • Energy advice
  • Legal advice
  • Help with claiming benefits
  • Consumer advice
  • Counselling and support services
  • Help from the older people's champion in Dundee
  • Making a will or a living will
  • Appointing a power of attorney
  • Prepaid funeral plans
  • Things to do following a death

If you need details about any services or organisations that aren't listed below, contact the DIAL-OP phone line for older people (305757) or on the Discover Age online directory:

Celebrate Age - You're Never Too Old event on Thursday 3rd October
CAN Information Stall
Community Safety Wardens
Henna Hand Painting
Whitfield Singing Group
Event organising group
University of Dundee Computer Drop In
CAN Chairperson Helen Reeves - Inspirational speech - New horizons
Lord Provost Bob Duncan opens the event
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